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Our professional staff is Licensed/Bonded and Insured for your Peace of Mind.
We take the worry out of being away.
Keep that minor problem from becoming a major one. Check up on your investment often.
Let Us keep an eye open for You.

Basic Service Rates:
Three Month Contract Required

Homes/Condos/Mobiles – Interior -
Exterior checks Homes under 1,500 Square Foot $30 Per Visit

Discounts given with Lawn Service Contract.

Monthly Visit $45 (once a month)

Special Community Rates (Retirement Communities/Complexes/Parks/ETC)
Special Rates for Vehicle /Vessel (check ups/start ups only)
Auto/Boat start-ups with basic service add $7

On Call or special callout services:
Week days 8:00am to 6:00pm $50 ($30 dollars per hour after first hour)
After Hours or Weekends $70 ($45 dollars per hour after first hour)

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About Us

We are owned and operated by Dann Byrer. Our goal is to give our clients peace of mind. So you can leave your home without fear of break-in's, plumbing, a/c or electrical problems. With knowing we are here to protect your property while you are away. We respond to alarms at your home as soon as we are notified. To find the problem why it was set off, and perform emergency repairs as needed.
  We opened our first home watch company in 2000.That was in Naples Fl. Where we saved our clients many heart and head aches. By over seeing their home and investments. We relocated to the Citrus County and be came Citrus Home Watch Plus LLC in 2005.
  Our 30 years of experience in home improvement and remodeling have showed our company to be reliable and knowledgeable to all your homes needs. We have saved our many clients hundreds of dollars.
By detecting minor problems before they became major ones.
  Plus your home inspector is a qualified handyman. So minor problems can be detected and solved at time of visit. We also have contractors available if major problems arise.
                              References are available at your request.
                          Our business hours are week days 8am to 6pm.
 Please call Dann Byrer with any additional questions at 352-422-0025 or email at


Citrus Home Watch

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